The Haunted Mansion of Dr Dratuig

Originally from Germany, he immigrated to Quebec in 1836 at the age of 30. He began his practice there and soon became one of the most sought-after doctors in the province.

In 1841 he fell in love with a young nurse named Elise and they were married the following year. As a wedding present, Dr Dratuig had him build a magnificent Manor.

They moved there and Dr. Dratuig continued his practice there, helping his wife to develop a clinic for neglected, troubled and special needs children. They were very happy with what life offered them.

A sad end for the bride

In 1844 Élise became pregnant with the hope that it was the first in a long line. However, fate was different and 9 months later, during childbirth, she and the child died. Dr Dratuig was inconsolable.

It was during this time that people saw him change from a gentle and caring man to a dark and infamous man. He lived the rest of his life in seclusion in his mansion out of sight.

Torture, mutilation and experiments

In 1874, 30 years after the death of his wife and child, while celebrating his 68 th birthday, Dr Dratuig was found dead. But that’s not all. According to reports, it appears he had turned his mansion into some sort of bizarre dungeon, several of which were set aside for torture and horrific events.

His body was not the only one found that day! It is still estimated today that approximately 160 to 200 bodies of men and women, but mostly children, were found. They had been tortured, mutilated and it seems that experiments were made to bring them back to life.

Discovery of numerous corpses

The whole town was in shock for a long time and the Manor was abandoned and forgotten for almost 170 years. Rumors and gossip made this mansion a haunted and horrifying place. It is even said that some curious people even disappeared after entering these places.

The manor was rediscovered in 2011, during the work for the Atlantide complex and despite warnings from local people, the Gagnon-Turcotte family bought the manor in order to build it. small rest hotel for tourists. They undertook the renovations. But during the work, 2 men lost their lives in a mysterious way and 1 other was never found. Needless to say, all work was halted and only the exterior was renovated. The interior remains as it was in the time of the infamous Dr. Dratuig.

Disturbing rumors

Rumor has it that the tortured spirits of the victims roam and haunt the hallways of what was once a magnificent mansion.

But that’s not all, another rumor has it that the evil doctor’s spirit still wanders there, always looking for future victims.

If you are brave enough to enter, watch out for tortured spirits, but BE CAREFUL of the mansion master Dr Dratuig…

If you meet him, SAVE YOURSELF !!!… GET OUT !!!…